What is Cardano Beers

Cardano beers are a series of NFT art collections minted on Cardano block-chain. The first collection feature various designs of cans, bottles and barrels of beer where each artifact is digitally hand-drawn and comes with a variety of attributes and rarities. The first collection will release 10,000 unique CNFTs ("1st Edition"). Among these 10,000 there will be a few 1/1s honoring important members of the community, special collabs projects or one of a kind items. The second collection will be a "Christmas special" and we are still drafting the details.


Drop date: 29th October, 19:00 UTC


What's coming

Q4 2021 (Cardano Oktoberfest)

1. Incubation & team🧑‍🤝‍🧑

2. build story backlog reflecting the concept📝

3. backlog refinement✍

4. make it public - go social🌐

5. create first prototypes🍺

6. design algorithm for the randomization script💻

7. define rarity and scarcity📊

8. brew and serve the first batch at the Cardano Oktoberfest.🥳

9. rarity announcement📢

10. Sharing the pub hall of fame with the world📢

Q4 2021 (Christmas limited edition)

1. launch beer talks and get feedback from the community.🗣️

2. best ideas selection✅

3. design new brew blends🖌️

4. fine tune the randomization script🖥️

5. minting and loading the beers on the Santa's sledge in order to be delivered on time🎅 🛷 🍻

Q1 2022

1. launch NFT beer Pub enabling smart contracts trading👥


Frequently Asked Questions

  • There will be no pre-sale.

  • 10,000 unique NFTs.

  • You will be able to mint 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 beers.

  • Rarity chart will be out after the minting is finished and it will be posted here.

  • It will be fixed at 29 ADA each.

  • 29 OCT 1900 UTC. Countdown available in the "Buy beer section".

  • Please join our discord for detailed information about this.

  • Only send your ADA via yoroi/daedalus/nami wallets. DO NOT use any CEX like binance,kraken etc.


Our Hardworking Team

Alex (The Fox Brewmaster)


Florin (The Rabbit Brewmaster)

Software developer

Lucian (The Lizard Brewmaster)

Blockchain developer


Rarity chart

Rarity chart will be displayed here after the minting process is finished.


Policy ID



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